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Erase Fine Lines With Treatments At LA Med Spa

If you’re in your 30s or 40s, you might be noticing the first signs of fine lines – typically around the eyes. Also called “crows feet,” these are a result of the repetitive motions of the face like smiling, laughing, or squinting. If you let them be, over time they become more set in and create deeper lines in the face that appear even at rest. But taking action now- while they are still just fine lines- will help delay that process. At LA Med Spa, we have plenty of options for skincare treatments that can reduce their appearance, helping to preserve a more youthful look.

A Good Facial Should Be A Part Of Your Routine

Do not underestimate the power of a good spa facial! We regularly recommend these to our clients as a great way to care for aging skin. When performed on a semi-regular basis, they help speed cell turnover, hydrate, and deep clean the skin – all of which reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Chemical Peels Improve Skin Tone

Since lines and wrinkles are a result of a loss of elasticity in the skin, treatments like chemical peels that improve skin tone also help smooth away those crows feet. Plus, you don’t have to use a harsh peel to get results. We offer gentle yet effective peels with minimum to no downtime that take years off your appearance!

Erase Fine Lines With Botox

In addition to skincare treatments that help prevent new lines and slowly reduce the appearance of existing lines, we can get near-instant results with Botox. Injections around the eyes soften the lines and last 3-4 months. If you’re heading to an event or need results quickly, this is one of our top recommendations.

Microneedling Stimulates Collagen Production

We love microneedling because it uses your body’s own healing power to improve your skin. By creating tiny microinjuries in the skin, your body begins to ramp up production of collagen and elastin to repair the area. This creates beautiful new skin cells with better elasticity and tone. Over time and successive treatments, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in lines and wrinkles.

These are just some of the treatment options we offer! To discuss these or other treatments in more detail, schedule a consultation. We will work together to develop a plan to help you turn back the clock on your skin.

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