PDO Threads are a great way to softly contour the face, neck, and body. Tighten and lift sagging skin where you need it most. Lift the breasts, buttock, stomach, arms, knees and support crepey hands, elbows, decollaage, shoulders and knees.

What are PDO Threads and How do they Work?

  • PDO Threads are absorbable threads made of Polydiaxanone suture material. These threads are safe, FDA cleared and have been used in surgical procedures for almost 50 years.
  • Threads are hypo allergenic and induces new collagen production in
    the skin.
  • Threads come in many sizes for different areas and indications.
  • Thread lifts are non-invasive with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Rebuild the Building Blocks
of Your Skin

As we age, we lose the natural collagen and elastin in our skin and our facial support structure starts to weaken and our skin begins to sag. PDO Threads can stimulate your skin to rebuild its own bio-identical collagen and helps restore the tight and youthful look back into your skin.

PDO threads can be used in the face, body, for vaginal rejuvenation and hair. They work well on its own and is also a great adjunct treatment with other aesthetic procedure.

It is the safest and most efficient way to rebuild the building blocks of your skin!

PDO Threads are our favorite non-invasive way to tighten and lift sagging skin. The treatment helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and soften deep wrinkles in the forehead and neck. Treatment is a safe and effective way to instantly lift and continuously create new collagen to regain your youthful look!


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