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Leg Vein Treatment With The Alma Q Laser

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about the visible veins in your legs? For many people, it can be a source of real insecurity, especially when wearing shorts and skirts. These small blue and purple veins are known as reticular veins (often called spider veins). They occur for a variety of reasons including age, genetics, and lifestyle factors. Now you can get rid of unsightly spider veins without surgery or painful injections. Newer technology makes leg vein treatment possible using the Alma Q laser platform. Let’s learn more about this procedure.

Why Choose Alma Q For Leg Vein Treatment?

There are several treatment options available for reducing or eliminating spider veins in the legs including Laser/IPL, Sclerotherapy, and Electrodesiccation. At LA Med Spa, we use the Alma Q laser because it offers numerous advantages over other types of treatment. Firstly, it’s highly effective at eliminating clusters of spider veins and is FDA-approved for this use. The 1064 nm wavelength penetrates deep into the skin, targeting the red, blue, and purple pigmentation while leaving surrounding skin and tissue unharmed.

Secondly, laser treatment is non-invasive, unlike Sclerotherapy and Electrodesiccation which involve some penetration of the skin. In addition, there is less risk of scarring with laser treatment, only minimal pain, and no downtime. It’s safe for all skin types, including sensitive areas.

How Long Will It Take?

Like most laser treatments, the best results are achieved after multiple sessions. Depending on the severity of your leg veins, we usually recommend at least 2 sessions and possibly more. You should start to see results in several weeks that get better with each successive treatment. Fall is a great time to get started, so you’ll feel confident in those shorts next Spring and Summer.

Interested in learning more about leg vein treatment at LA Med Spa? Schedule a consultation today to discuss this procedure.

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