pdo thread lift

Get Younger Looking Skin With A PDO Thread Lift

Did you know there is a non-surgical treatment that offers similar results to a traditional facelift? With a PDO Thread Lift, you can enjoy younger-looking skin without the cost, risk, or recovery of surgery. These FDA-approved threads provide immediate lift while working to stimulate your natural collagen and elastin production. Let’s learn more about this procedure and how it can take years off your appearance!

What Is A PDO Thread Lift?

During this procedure, we use tiny threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO) to visibly lift sagging skin. These threads are safe, non-toxic, and made of the same material as sutures. We insert the threads just under the skin in strategic areas on the face, neck, and body to provide lift and structure. Simply placing the thread stimulates your body to produce collagen and elastin at the insertion site, which means the benefits of PDO threads continue long after they dissolve. In fact, the results can last up to a year or more!

Avoid Surgery With This Safe Alternative To A Facelift

While traditional facelifts involve going under the knife, PDO threads are a quick, in-office procedure with no downtime. You can resume your normal activities right after treatment. The lifting power of PDO threads is so significant, it produces results remarkably similar to a facelift. Many people opt for this safe and effective anti-aging treatment instead of undergoing the pain of surgery. Plus, it can be used all over the body to gently shape and smooth the buttocks, breasts, arms, knees, and hands.

To learn more about PDO threads, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We can discuss the procedure and help you determine if it might be a good fit for you. Our patients love the long-lasting results of threads, minimizing the amount of time and money spent on skin treatments. PDO threads truly take years off your appearance, so what are you waiting for?

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