Microblading is natural-looking and minimalistic. Making a patchy, incomplete brow appear complete again. Microblading treatments take 3+ hours. Each micro blading treatment is provided meticulously. Upon entering the Studio, Your LA Med Spa Esthetics artist will apply a numbing ointment to make your treatment more enjoyable.

What to Expect with Blading

At your LA MedSpa brow treatment session, your brows will be mapped so you can see in advance and approve your shape before the Microblading begins. Color is also discussed during the education process at the beginning of your appointment.

After the Microblading process has been completed, you’ll be shown the brows so you can assess, critique, and discuss the outcome. We will also provide details on the aftercare and how to obtain the best result during healing. At this time, the second treatment should be booked in to complete the process.

You’ll see strong results after just one treatment, but only 60 – 90 percent of the full outcome. The second treatment is vital to complete the brows and to address minor discrepancies after healing. This meticulous second treatment/touchup is essential as there will be some pigment loss during healing. The second treatment/Touchup will make the brows hold in the skin for a longer period.


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