med spa treatments for summer

Top Med Spa Treatments For Summer

While winter dryness can take a toll on the skin, summer can be equally taxing. Between minimizing sun exposure and pore-clogging sweat and dirt – it’s not all fun and games. We’ve rounded up some of our top picks for med spa treatments to keep your skin healthy and happy all summer...

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iv infusions

Need A Boost? Try Liquivida IV Infusions

LA Med Spa believes that health and wellness come from taking care of yourself – both inside and out. For clients struggling with their appearance, we offer treatments to improve the skin and boost confidence. But what do you do when your body feels tired, or you’re recovering from an...

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tattoo can be removed

Your Tattoo Can Be Removed With Alma-Q

We know that tattoos can be beautiful pieces of artwork on the body, but for some people they just bring back feelings of regret. Maybe you were young and wish you hadn’t chosen to get one, or maybe it reminds you of a painful period of time in your life. Whatever the reason, your tattoo can...

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BBL Laser Turns Back The Clock On Aging Skin

As much as we hate to admit it, there is something about the New Year that often makes us think about our lifestyle and how it affects our appearance. Maybe it’s the fact that it reminds us that another year has passed, which means we are getting older. Like many of us, the stress of the past...

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