Coming Soon: Microblading And Permanent Makeup!

We are so excited to begin offering microblading and permanent makeup beginning in August! We searched far and wide for the best artist and found Whitney Magee, who specializes in brows, eyeliner, and even lip blushing. Permanent makeup can be a great solution for so many of our clients, who want to cut out some hassle from their daily routine! If you’re curious about microblading or other makeup options, read on.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that deposits pigment in the skin in and around the brows with a needle. Think of it like a tattoo for your eyebrows! Typically, “hair-like” strokes are drawn into the brow to give the appearance of thicker, fuller eyebrows. There are several styles available involving different techniques. Whitney offers these 3 options:

  • Traditional Microblading – shaping and filling of the eyebrows using hair-like strokes (similar to filling your brows with pen/pencil strokes)
  • Powder Brows – a shading technique that gives the brows a soft appearance as if you were to use powder brow makeup.
  • Combo Brows – uses both hair-like strokes and shading to create a blended, natural effect.

This procedure can be life-changing for anyone struggling with thinning brows or who has lost their brows to a medical condition. It allows you to choose the shape and style of your brow without having to spend time on it daily.

Eyeliner Without The Fuss

For people who wear eyeliner daily and want to save time, permanent eyeliner tattoos are a great solution. Whitney can do top, bottom, or both depending on your preference. When you wake up, you’ll have a head start on your makeup and won’t need to depend on a steady hand to get the look you want!

Semipermanent Lip Blushing

As we age, our lips can lose both color and volume. If you’re not quite ready for filler, a lip blushing session could be just the ticket. This type of tattoo can subtly enhance your color as well as overfill (slightly) the lips to give a natural-looking boost. If you typically feel like you need to wear lip color or gloss daily to help your lips stand out from your skin tone, this procedure is definitely something to consider.

If you’re thinking about permanent makeup, schedule a consultation with Whitney. She will be in the office 2 days a week to perform sessions. We are so pleased to begin offering this service to our clients – just another step closer to being a one-stop for all things skincare related. Schedule your session today as spots will fill up fast!

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