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Reverse Sun Damage With Alma Q Laser!

Summer is quickly approaching, and with it – fun in the sun! We can’t help but remind you to wear your SPF daily and monitor your sun exposure, as it’s easy during the warmer months to subject your skin to sun damage. The best time to start was probably 20 years ago, but starting today is better than not starting at all. Fortunately, for anyone dealing with the consequences of reckless sun exposure in their younger years, we’ve got good news. The Alma Q Laser eliminates sun damage like dark spots, melasma, and other hyperpigmentation.

The Science Behind Alma Q Switched Laser

Traditionally, sun damage has been a stubborn condition to treat. Many over-the-counter lotions and serums don’t provide good results. That’s why we are so pleased to offer treatments with the Alma Q laser to our patients who are struggling with hyperpigmentation. This platform features the Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser, the gold standard for targeting pigment in the skin while preserving surrounding tissue. The handpiece delivers photo acoustic shockwaves in incredibly short pulses that destroy the excessively brown-pigmented (melanin) areas in the skin. After treatment, these areas darken, scab, and then flake off as new skin takes its place.

Unmatched Results For Reversing Sun Damage

The unique Q-switched laser technology makes reversing hyperpigmentation easier than ever. It is able to target pigmentation even on darker skin and on nearly all skin types. In addition, this laser is so efficient that treatment sessions are short and you’ll require fewer total sessions to get the desired results.

If you’re frustrated by pigmentation on your skin as a result of sun exposure, we can help. Treatments with the Alma Q will rejuvenate your skin, evening out the tone and removing those unwanted dark spots, freckles, or melasma. Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss this procedure and the results you can expect.

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