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Tired Of Shaving Or Waxing Your Unwanted Leg Hair?

As cooler weather approaches, shaving or waxing might be the last thing on your mind. At last, a break from these tiresome tasks! What if you could have maintenance-free, smooth skin by next summer? No more razor burn or ingrown hair, just hair-free legs all summer long? Now is the time to get started with laser hair removal – the most effective way to remove unwanted leg hair.

Why Choose Laser Treatments For Leg Hair Removal?

For long-term hair removal with little to no maintenance, laser treatments are simply the best solution. Over the course of 4-6 sessions, we effectively destroy the hair follicles – making regrowth next to impossible. When compared with traditional methods like shaving or waxing, laser hair removal saves you time and money. Even with the initial investment of treatment sessions, you’ll save thousands over the course of your lifetime. Plus, it bears repeating – no razor burn!

Vectus Laser Is Fast And Comfortable

We use the state-of-the-art Vectus platform by Cynosure because it treats large and small areas incredibly fast and provides Advanced Contact Cooling™ for the most comfortable experience. In addition, we are able to treat many skin/hair color combinations. Like other laser hair removal devices, it works by applying pulsed light energy to the hair follicles. This permanently damages them, inhibiting future hair growth. Because your hair grows in cycles, we perform laser treatments over the course of several months to ensure we catch all active hair growth.

Ready to free yourself from shaving and waxing and finally have the smooth skin you desire? Contact us today to discuss the many benefits of laser hair removal. Our clients love the results, and most wish they had started their sessions years ago! Fall is the perfect time to get started, so you can have a hair-free, carefree summer!

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