Botox Or Dysport, What’s The Difference?

When most people think of neurotoxin injections, typically Botox comes to mind. But, did you know that there are other injections of this type? In fact, depending on your specific skin condition and goals, an option like Dysport might give you a better result. If you have never heard of Dysport – don’t worry! Let’s discuss the differences between these injections and why a provider chooses to use one over the other.

What Is Dysport?

At first glance, all neurotoxin injections might seem the same. They typically all consist of a specific ingredient – Botulinum type A. When injected, it temporarily blocks the nerve signals to the muscles in the area, making them unable to contract. As a result, those expression lines and wrinkles are reduced or even eliminated. Although both types of injections contain this ingredient and operate in the same way, there are some differences in application.

What Makes It Different?

When choosing between different types of neurotoxin injections, certain formulations of Botulinum type A will be better for specific applications. The major difference between Botox and Dysport is that the latter is more diluted – roughly 3x less potent than Botox. This allows it to spread faster in large areas on the face, like the forehead and glabellar lines (the 11s). So, even though the product formulation is less concentrated, it works better at smoothing away wrinkles in certain areas.

In addition, people notice that the results of Dysport appear more quickly due to the way it spreads. And, it lasts a little bit longer.

How Much Does It Cost?

Because it contains less active ingredient than Botox, the cost per unit is lower. However, you may need more of the product to achieve optimal results. Generally, it works out to be about the same cost as Botox.

When it comes to choosing which product is right for you, let our expert team guide you. Book a consultation with us to discuss your concerns. We will recommend the course of treatment to help you get the results you desire.

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