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Need A Boost? Try Liquivida IV Infusions

LA Med Spa believes that health and wellness come from taking care of yourself – both inside and out. For clients struggling with their appearance, we offer treatments to improve the skin and boost confidence. But what do you do when your body feels tired, or you’re recovering from an illness? We are pleased to offer Liquivida IV Infusions, tailored to help you restore energy, immune function, and even slow down the aging process. Read more about our offerings and their benefits.

Why Choose IV Infusions?

You might be wondering why you would seek out IV infusion therapy –  after all, it’s not something that most people had access to easily until fairly recently. Liquivida has made it easy to take advantage of all of the benefits of this type of treatment. Plus, you don’t have to go to a hospital or doctor’s office to get it. Infusions allow you to be proactive about your health, giving your body a boost so it can do its job. It takes about an hour or less, and you’ll enjoy a comfortable, spa environment while you wait.

We Love Liquivida’s Customizable Options

We utilize the Liquivida Collection of infusions because of its versatility. Depending on what ails you, we are able to recommend the right treatment, or a combination of treatments to help you feel better. Here are just some of the issues we treat with IV therapy:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Hangover symptoms
  • Illness recovery
  • Low energy
  • Low metabolism

In addition, we offer glutathione and amino acid drips for their anti-aging effects. The next time you’re feeling a bit run down or simply want to boost your health, give us a call to schedule an IV infusion. We are happy to answer any questions about the infusions, their benefits, and which one might be right for you.

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