Spa Facials At LA MedSpa Address Your Unwanted Skin Issues

If you’re thinking about stepping up your at-home skincare routine with occasional treatments at a medical spa, you’re not alone. More and more people have discovered the value in professional aesthetic services. As an addition to your regular regimen, even periodic spa facials make a dramatic difference in the most common unwanted skin issues.

Spa Facials Are Highly Effective

While you may find certain facial treatments at beauty stores to do at home, nothing compares to a true spa facial. Our products are medical grade, which means they are not only more potent but clinically proven to provide results. Chances are, you’ve wasted more money on ineffective home treatments than a spa facial would cost!

At LA MedSpa, we offer the highly sought after HydraFacial as well as ZO Skin Health organic facials. These powerful treatments can truly transform your skin and make great additions to your skin care regimen.

We Customize Facials To Target Your Skin Issues

We tailor both the HydraFacial and Zo facials to each patient to address your specific skin needs. Our expert team will evaluate your skin health and make recommendations, determining the right facial for you.

  • HydraFacial – This patented 3 step process removes impurities and hydrates your skin in just 30 minutes. Custom “boost serums” are applied to combat specific issues.
  • Zo Skin Health – Using the most advanced skincare products available, this longer 60-90 minute treatment is the luxurious facial you’ve always wanted. Combinations are tailored to improve your unique skin health.

Booking a spa facial is often the first step for people looking to upgrade their skin care regimen. These treatments, while gentle, make a powerful difference in your skin. Don’t underestimate what a spa facial can do for your unwanted skin issues! Book a consultation with us today to learn more about our options.

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