BBL Laser Turns Back The Clock On Aging Skin

As much as we hate to admit it, there is something about the New Year that often makes us think about our lifestyle and how it affects our appearance. Maybe it’s the fact that it reminds us that another year has passed, which means we are getting older. Like many of us, the stress of the past 2 years has taken a toll. If you’re feeling a bit haggard and noticing those pesky signs of aging, consider a BBL laser treatment to rejuvenate your skin.

What Is A BBL Laser Treatment?

Forever Young BBL (Broadband Light) utilizes innovative technology to slow down – and even reverse – the signs of aging skin. Like other laser treatments, BBL uses light energy to gently heat the skin. However, this system is much more precise. It targets redness and other pigmentation, even down to the fine vessels under the surface of the skin. In addition, the heat stimulates collagen and elastin production which restores that youthful, plump texture. Treatments are short – under 30 minutes, with virtually no downtime.

BBL Improves The Look Of Aging Skin

Because BBL laser treatments target both pigment and skin laxity, it has a dramatic effect on the visible signs of aging. In fact, studies show it actually changes the expression of genes associated with aging, longevity, and increased lifespan. Treated skin looks more even in tone and feels smoother, while pores and fine lines are minimized. You can expect to see full results in about a month after treatment. Depending on your ski condition, we recommend 3-6 treatments performed 4 weeks apart. Then, with periodic maintenance sessions, we can effectively slow the aging process of the skin to a near halt!

Consult With Us

When considering any treatment, it’s important to be fully informed about what you can expect. To find out if BBL treatments are right for you, book a consultation with us.

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