Which Procedures At LA MedSpa Are Offered for Men

In short, essentially, any procedure I do on a woman can be done on a man. It seems to me the biggest issue with men getting any procedure done in a medical spa is what they fear one will think about them if they are seen walking in one. Men should take care of their skin just as women should. The skin is the largest, most protective organ in the body. If it isn’t taken care of, well, I don’t think anymore needs to be said.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a woman client say to me, “It seems like men look better with age while women have to go through hell just to keep wrinkles away.

This difference in skin aging happens for many reasons. Let me explain. Men’s skin is 20-30% thicker than women’s so their issues with sagging are far less than women’s. Also, men have higher oil production than women. Since excess oil production usually leads to a person developing acne, one would think that an excess of oil is at the very least- tragic to an individual. However, individuals who produce an excess of oil end up with more healthy skin; specifically, skin that is supple and hydrated. Hydrated skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles because it plumps up the skin. Another difference in men and women’s skin are the hormones they produce. Sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone, have a huge impact on the differences between men’s and women’s skin. Sex hormones influence our skin’s texture and thickness. In women, as we lose estrogen, our skin becomes more dry and wrinkly. The drop in estrogen begins around age 30 and drops more quickly around age 40. For men, testosterone is what makes the skin thicker and oilier compared to women. Although men also see testosterone begin to drop in their 30s, the decline is far more gradual compared to women. In essence, men keep thicker and firmer skin because they have a slower drop in Testosterone than women do in Estrogen. Lastly, women are more prone stress, anxiety and depression which can wreak havoc on the skin. Realistically, men are at a disadvantage, when it comes to aging skin, compared to women because women are taught from a very young age about using a consistent skin care routine to maintain healthy skin.

On to procedures that LA MedSpa offers for men. The answer is- EVERYTHING. What I mean is that there really isn’t anything that I offer to do to a woman that I cannot also do to a man. It has been my personal experience that men pay more attention to stereotypes or, what people think of them walking into a medical spa, than women do. Actually, it has been brought to my attention several times by male clients how heavily they weigh if someone sees them walking into my spa.

Now I am going to list procedures that REALLY benefit men, maybe even more that women. The first thing I would list would be microneedling for texture and pores. Needling is especially good for helping rid someone of prior acne scarring. Also, both Botox and dermal fillers are for men. Plasma pen, Vectus, my laser hair removal, Tempsure for skin tightening, and chemical peels. Further, my  Sciton BBL machine can help with men’s dark spots and blood vessels on the face. Pretty much anything that can be done to a woman can be done to a man with the exception of dermaplaning. So, if you’re a man who wants to slow down your skin’s aging process, please do not weigh so heavily on the stereotype of a man walking into a medspa, and give us a call to see what we can do for you!

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