“Bad batches” of Botox, an unlikely story

GUYS!!! If you are going somewhere for Botox and it isn’t working and they feed you the line, “you got a bad batch of Botox,” DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. I have heard this twice about a “semi” local place of business.

They are injecting people with Botox and in 14 days, when it does nothing  patients go back and complain. In return, the injectors blame their lack of response on a bad batch of Botox. This seems VERY unusual to me for one main reason and that is, my husband has been injecting therapeutic Botox for 30 years now and has never once received a bad batch of Botox.

Allergan, now Abbvie, takes every precaution to send out only good Botox. They actually make sure to tell you what to look for when you open the Botox that would warrant you sending it back to them for a new vial.

What this says to me is if you have TRULY been injected with Botox that has been stored properly, is that the provider reconstituted the product wrong; likely way over diluted. This is one way injectors assure they make more money. They charge you for say 5 units when in actuality you are getting 1 or 2 units instead. Even then, it doesn’t make sense that a patient would still get NO response to the Botox because I always half dose. I usually inject 2 or 2.5 units in each site the first time I inject people to see how they are going to respond to the Botox. A lot of times, people respond to just 2 units. So, the fact that people are not responding at all makes me think that these practices are injecting saline instead and not Botox at all.

Also if injected “wrong,” the patient is likely to experience adverse events like brow or lid drooping. There is no case I can imagine except what I have mentioned above where Botox doesn’t work at all.

My advice to you is, if someone injects you with “Botox” and you do not respond AT ALL, you either have antibodies, which is almost as rare as receiving a bad bottle of Botox, or you are not being injected with Botox at all.

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