Look Below The Surface With VISIA® Skin Analysis

At Landy HE, we always incorporate the latest technology to give our clients the best results. That’s why we have incorporated VISIA® Skin Analysis into our practice. This revolutionary system allows us to see beneath the skin surface, capturing an accurate picture of your skin condition. As a result, we are able to prescribe targeted treatments and skincare products to help you acheive the skin you desire. 

What Is VISIA® Skin Analysis?

This quick, non-invasive scan is essentially a high tech image of your skin. With the use of IntelliFlash® UV photography, we can see deep into the skin’s layers. VISIA® gives us quantitative information about your complexion, measuring 8 key areas:

  • Spots – brown or red marks visible to the naked eye
  • Wrinkles – the algorithm enhances the detection of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Texture – raised or depressed areas that make the skin feel rough or bumpy
  • Pores – detection of enlarged pores and measures size 
  • UV Spots – detection of damage beneath the surface which contributes to advanced aging of the skin
  • Brown Spots – pigmentation both on the surface and below the surface of the skin
  • Red areas – spider veins, inflammation
  • Porphyrins – bacteria that become lodged in pores

After your scan, VISIA® provides a detailed report, scoring your skin in these categories against peer averages. It quantifies your results as a TrueSkin Age®, a great baseline metric for us to use as we work to improve your skin. Armed with this information, we are able to recommend a targeted protocol to tackle the skin issues that are most bothersome to you. Plus, periodic VISIA® scans track your progress to ensure treatments are working. 

Results Driven

No one wants to invest time and money into skincare procedures that aren’t working. With VISIA®, we are more confident than ever that our patients will acheive the results they desire. While progress is often very visible on the skin’s surface, we also want to slow down the aging process over time and repair damage that lies deep within the skin. That type of progress is harder to see, but with the advanced imaging of this platform, it is now possible!

To learn more about skin analysis with VISA®, book a consultation with us today. We will be happy to go over the many benefits that a simple scan offers like targeted treatments, simulations, and more. Let’s get started today!

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