IV Infusions! What you should know

IV Nutrient Therapy… What you should know!

What is it and why should or shouldn’t I do it? The purpose of IV nutrient therapy is to circumvent the loss of potency of the vitamins taken by mouth, prevent GI upset that often occurs with oral vitamin consumption, to infuse larger quantities of nutrients directly into the bloodstream and to assist with the repletion of nutrients and hydration. Did you know that if you receive an IV infusion, your body absorbs 10-20 times more nutrients?

What specific training did the providers at LHE receive in order to offer these nutrient infusions? Both Dr. Landy and Leighann Landy, FNP received specific training on IV nutrient therapy through Empire Medical Training. Also, they both are BLS and ACLS certified, meaning if an emergency happens during the infusion of a patient at the spa, they are both capable of handling that emergency until EMS services arrives. In addition, both providers at LA understand and would like you to understand is that we do not take these IV infusions lightly. They are considered a medical procedure and as a result, will be treated as such. If you come to receive an IV infusion, you will first have a consult with the FNP here to discuss your complete medical history, any pertinent diagnoses you may have that would contraindicate receiving an infusion, any prior bloodwork you may have had as well as the results of such labs. We will also discuss your daily medications, OTC and herbal supplements you may be taking. Finally, we will discuss the possible cause of the reason you are in for treatment; I.e. fatigue or mental fog.

Where do we get our cocktails? What all cocktails do we offer? So we use a specialty pharmacy, Olympia Pharmacy, an FDA Registered 503B outsourcing pharmacy. We do not manipulate their pre-made cocktails. Instead we draw them up in their pre-mixed vials at the dose they recommend and instill the nutrients in one big syringe into a 500ml bag. Their standard, pre-mixed cocktails that we currently offer are: Alleviate, Get Up & Go, Immunity, Inner Beauty, Quench, Reboot, Recovery and Performance, Meyer’s Cocktail, and NAD. Alleviate is for those suffering with PMS symptoms, Get Up & Go is for those who need a little boost in the energy department, Immunity is for an immune system boost it IS NOT for those who are actively ill but more for those that think they may feel a cold coming on. Then the Inner Beauty is to strengthen skin,  hair, and nails, Quench is for dehydration, Reboot is the infamous hangover helper, Recovery & Performance is for those who have some sort of athletic event either prior to or immediately following, Meyer’s Cocktail is an overall general wellness infusion, and NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme found in all living cells and has even been called an anti-aging molecule because of the many important roles it plays in promoting health and prolonging lifespan.

How long will I feel the benefits of my infusion? Typically levels will remain elevated about 2-3 weeks after your infusion. We do offer IV memberships in order to give individuals an opportunity to get a discount on infusions if they elect to receive them regularly. We will require that you get certain bloodwork drawn if you do begin getting regular infusions. We do this as a means of practicing safe medicine. We do not want to overload anyone with any vitamin drip. However, if you just come in for one infusion, you will not be required to have any bloodwork drawn. If you happen to get your bloodwork drawn as a part of your health maintenance and prevention, we may request to see your most recent labs if they are available.

What is your process? The process will go something like this: after you have completed the necessary paperwork (YES you have a medical history and symptom checker to fill out prior to your infusion) and had your face to face visit with the FNP, if she has decided you are suitable to receive an infusion, you will then be taken into our IV infusion room where the FNP will start your IV. Then she will go and mix the cocktail the two of you decided you will receive that day. Once mixed, she will bring it into the infusion room and connect the bag to the IV she started. We have deliciously comfortable, slightly reclining, chairs in our IV room. As well, we have blankets, snacks and drinks, and a TV for you to enjoy while you are being infused. Most of our infusions are $150 with the exception of just a few ranging from $175. Call us today to set up your membership or just to set up a consultation.

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Use the form below to share your concerns and our team of medical aesthetics experts will be in touch (using the method you specify) to answer all your questions and get you on the best path to solutions that fit your needs and your budget.